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Discover all the things to do in Budva, Montenegro

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Market Square

Located at the heart of the Old Town, the Market Square is bustling with stalls selling fresh produce, handicrafts, and souvenirs.

Narrow Streets

The narrow streets of the Old Town are home to a plethora of cafes, bars, and restaurants waiting to be discovered.

The Citadel

Built by the Venetians in the 15th century, the Citadel is the city's most iconic landmark. From the top of the Citadel, you can enjoy breathtaking views of Budva and the Adriatic Sea.

Church of Stari Grad

This church, constructed in the 9th century, is the oldest church in Budva. The interior of the church is adorned with frescoes and other religious artworks.


The Citadel, being the highest point in the Old Town, offers panoramic city views.

Lake Skadar

Experience the natural splendor of Lake Skadar, the largest lake in the Balkans and a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Cruise along its serene waters, spot rare bird species in the surrounding wetlands, and explore charming lakeside villages steeped in tradition and culture.


Discover the timeless beauty of Perast, a picturesque coastal town nestled along the shores of the Bay of Kotor. Explore its historic churches, admire the elegant palaces of its former sea captains, and embark on a boat tour to the nearby islets of Our Lady of the Rocks and St. George.

Old Town Budva

From the 5th century BC, the Old Town is Budva’s primary landmark with its immense historical, cultural, and architectural value. The ancient Old Town architecture reflects its long and tumultuous history, as Budva used to be a part of Ancient Rome, the Venetian Republic, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Budva Riviera

Budva, Montenegro boasts a stunning coastline fringed with beautiful beaches. Whether you're seeking a lively party scene, a secluded cove for relaxation, or family-friendly fun, Budva's beaches have something for everyone.

For those who love the buzz, Mogren Beach, right next to Budva's Old Town, is a popular choice. Here you'll find sunbeds, cafes, and crystal-clear waters. If you're looking for something a little less crowded, try Mogren 2, its smaller neighbor.

Old Town Kotor

Step back in time and wander the cobbled streets of Old Town Kotor, a renowned for its medieval architecture, charming squares, and picturesque views of the Bay of Kotor. Explore ancient churches, climb the iconic city walls, and soak in the atmosphere of this enchanting coastal town.

Sveti Stefan

Marvel at the postcard-perfect beauty of Sveti Stefan, a tiny island village connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway. Admire the stunning architecture of its centuries-old stone houses and enjoy a leisurely stroll along its pristine beaches, surrounded by crystal-clear waters and lush greenery. 

Durmitor National Park

Embark on an outdoor adventure in Durmitor National Park, home to some of Montenegro's most breathtaking landscapes. Hike through dense forests, kayak on tranquil lakes, and marvel at the rugged beauty of the Durmitor mountain range, including the iconic Tara River Canyon, one of the deepest canyons in the world.

Lovcen National Park

The largest national park in Montenegro, Lovcen National Park is a perfect place for nature lovers with its magnificent mountain scenery, lakes, and historical sites.

Ostrog Monastery

One of the most important religious sites in Montenegro, Ostrog Monastery attracts thousands of pilgrims every year.

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